The Bedford Project's Prospect Heights Educational Center is now open.
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We’re the hands-on educational consultants. From curriculum innovation to student motivation, we help students outperform the norm.


Featured Case Study

Our approach made Bedford Academy the #2 school in the NYC school system.

It’s helping underperforming schools in DC become #1.


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DC school hires first female varsity football coach

When Coolidge High announced in January that it was looking for a new football coach, one of the school's science...


What others are Saying!

"Family" atmosphere in B’kyln
- New York Post

Brent Jones leads Bedford Academy...
- New York Daily News

Rhee Offers Plan to Improve D.C.’s...
- Washington Post

“I got an A on my biology test – my first 100% ever!” Daliesha Rosyter, Dunbar
High School, Washington, DC
“I’m going to Harvard. I’m glad Bedford never let me settle for mediocrity.” Darien Doig-Acuna, Bedford Academy, New York City
“I just needed someone to talk to me and really listen to my problems...” O’Jaye Cole, Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington, DC
“I Appreciate You &Your Team For Everything You Guys Have Done For Me..” Lovia Robinson, Dunbar
High School